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Terms and Conditions

Quality & Outdoor installations

Ballooliz uses high quality products for any of our services. However, we are not liable to balloon exposure in outdoor environments after delivery and installation is completed. Weather related factors pose direct risk to a balloon decoration especially in direct sunlight and heat exposure. We always recommend to place decorations in a shaded area if possible.


When securing an event date a 50% deposit is required. The remaining balance is due 1 week prior the event. 



Deposits are non refundable, instead we will issue you a credit that you can use at later date. 


Ballooon Colors

Balloon colors can be modified free of charge up to one week before the event. However, if color changes are requested at the last minute, an additional fee will apply.


All rentals are due back no later than 24 hour after the event ends. 

Fringe Rentals

Our streamer fringe services are exclusively offered for rental purposes. All streamer fringe decor must be professionally installed and removed by a member of the Ballooliz team, and self-installation is not an option.

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